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The Eighties

    Marked by pop culture, cinema, music, entertainment, television and some fashions that represent us today.

Join us for a walk through all that a generation marked.

If there is something that represents the popular culture of the eighties, it is music, which for some was the best of all time. In this decade, pop became the fashionable musical genre, Michael Jackson and a new daring young woman called Madonna were playing on the radio. The disco music of the seventies was a thing of the past and pop reigned; but not everything was pop, for the heaviest there was a new band called "Guns and Roses" or for the more "darks" there was "Depeche Mode", to name a few.

In those days an iPad was a science fiction thing, we all had to have a Walkman, with a large collection of cassettes that almost always accompanied us (imagine). I am sure that the love for music in this decade was the strongest and most passionate, good music and fidelity was the most important.